Back to School: Safety Tips

The new school year is here, and with it comes the rush of back-to-school preparations. But in the scramble to buy notebooks, #2 pencils, and the perfect pair of sneakers, it’s worth taking a moment to consider your child’s route to school and back again every weekday. Kids travel between home and school in a variety of ways: some are driven by parents, while others take the school bus, walk, or ride a bike. There are benefits to each of these, depending on a family’s situation, but each method comes with its own hazards as well. Considering these possible dangers carefully can help you plan the safest commute possible for your child. Continue reading

Workers’ Compensation & Family Law: The Connection

It would seem that there wouldn’t be much of a connection between a workers’ compensation claim and proceedings in family court. Unfortunately, though, the two are far too often tied together. When a primary breadwinner is injured at work, it can have a dramatic impact on his or her family, whether or not there is discord or divorce. Here are the most common family law issues that arise in workers’ compensation proceedings. Continue reading

How Your Credit Score Matters During Divorce

Lawyers and litigants alike have long understood the importance of maintaining a good credit rating before, during, and after the divorce. As the parties, particularly one who has not had significant employment during the marriage know, a positive credit rating is critical to establish a new residence, purchase vehicles, and start a new, single life. Often however, the actions of one party can have the effect of damaging irreparably the credit rating of the other. Continue reading

How Divorce Can Affect Your Tax Filing Status


Are you currently undergoing divorce?

If your divorce will not be finalized until 2016, you have 3 options: married filing jointly, married filing separately, and if you qualify, head of household. Continue reading

How Are Custody and Parenting Time Determined?

Very few issues are as emotionally charged as determining custody and parenting time during a divorce proceeding. Unfortunately, there are many common misconceptions about the determination of custody and parenting time.

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Divorcing from Your Spouse’s Student Loan Debt

What responsibility do I have when it comes to my husband’s / wife’s student loan debt?
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New Jersey Emancipation Statute

New Jersey Emancipation Statute

Signed by Governor Chris Christie.On Tuesday, January 19th, Governor Christie took a break from his busy presidential campaign to sign several new pieces of pending legislation, one of which was New Jersey’s pending emancipation statute that dramatically impacts upon child support and when/how it terminates.  The new law, which takes effect on the first day of the 13th month after its enactment – February 1, 2017 – is applicable to all child support orders issued prior to, or, or after its effective date.
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