Police Brutality

Police are trained to protect and serve the community, but that training also includes use of force that may cross the line into brutality. Corinne Mullen and Mullen Law Firm are here for you if you have been a victim of that line-crossing. The firm has a long-established track record of success in New Jersey, serving the community for 25 years.

Police Brutality in New Jersey

While New Jersey may have one of the overall lowest incidents of police misconduct in the nation, instances of police brutality can still exist. Mullen Law Firm examines each incident on a case by case basis to determine if police brutality has indeed taken place and if damages may be merited.

Many factors may contribute to brutality, with race at the top of the list. Brutality often targets minority populations or groups that have neither a powerful voice nor position within the community. The attackers may rationalize their brutal actions by saying the group or individual in question was a potential threat or danger even if the group or individual did nothing to provoke such a brutal attack.

Other incidents of brutality may arise if a person does not automatically and immediately acknowledge and defer to the officer’s authority. Officers may view a challenge as rebellion or contempt, resulting in actions meant to wield control over the individual. Those actions, however, may cross the line from reasonable use of force to unreasonable use of brutality.

It is often a very small number of police who engage in brutality, but those same individuals may make it a habit. Corinne Mullen is here to help break that habit and offer the representation you deserve if you’ve been a victim.

Corinne Mullen Protects Your Rights

If brutality has occurred, Mullen Law Firm can help you seek damages or injunctions under New Jersey state law. Damages consist of a monetary award while injunctions are court orders that stop police actions which are a violation of individual rights.

Mullen Law Firm can file a lawsuit against the police if they’ve engaged in false imprisonment, false arrest and wrongful death. Additional acts of brutality may include assault, battery and breaking and entering. Corinne Mullen knows your rights as a citizen and she and the firm are here to protect them.