Bad Faith Insurance Claims

An insurance company is always supposed to act with the best interests of the insured in mind. Regardless of the specific type of insurance company, the law of the United States has dictated that these organizations have a duty of good faith to deal with the people that they insure as accurately and fairly as possible. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies hold themselves up to these high standards, especially when insurance claims are involved.

A bad faith insurance claim is one where the insurance company in question acted in their own best interest as opposed to in the interest of their client. When these types of situations arise, it is important to realize that you have a wide variety of different options available to you. Corinne Mullen of Mullen Law Firm is one of the top lawyers in New Jersey who specializes in these types of bad faith insurance claims and getting you the justice and compensation deserve.

Bad Faith Claim Examples

One common example of a bad faith insurance claim that many people face involves a regular insurance company. When you file a claim with your insurance company after a car accident, that company is supposed to perform a thorough investigation to determine whether the damage is actually covered under the specifics of your policy.

That company would be acting in bad faith if they performed an improper or invalid evaluation of the damage with the express purpose of refusing to cover the cost of any repairs, even though your insurance policy should take care of all expenses. You would then be able to file a bad faith claim against the car insurance company in question to get them to take care of the damages to your vehicle and live up to their responsibilities.

Third Party Bad Claims

Third party insurance providers can also act in bad faith under a variety of different conditions. For example, the duty of a liability insurance provider is to both defend a claim against your policy and pay a judgment if one has been ordered by the court. Failure to do so under reasons that are not expressly limited by your coverage is an act of bad faith.

If you have recently experienced a situation where your insurance company has acted against you in bad faith, do not hesitate to contact Corinne Mullen from Mullen Law Firm in New Jersey. You’ve held up your end of the bargain by paying any costs or premiums dictated by your insurance policy. It is time for your insurance company to hold up their end as well.