Divorce Mediation and Family Matters

The Mullen Law Firm provides Divorce Mediation by highly trained and experienced lawyers who have also taken separate training in Divorce Mediation.  This expertise permits our clients to divorce in an amicable and supportive way without unnecessary strain on the family or finances of the family.

This mediation service is provided by Corinne M. Mullen, Esq. and Doreen McManimon, Esq. as well as Mani Bhatia, Esq.  All of the lawyers providing this service have a complete working understanding of the effect of New Jersey law on a couples’ marriage and finances.  All of the lawyers providing this service have also been independently trained in divorce mediation.

Corinne Mullen and Doreen McManimon have trained with the Center for Dispute Resolution in Divorce Mediation for one year.  As well, each of these lawyers have trained with the State of New Jersey in Divorce Mediation and Foreclosure mediation.

Mani Bhatia has completed the requisite training for divorce mediation and brings her extensive knowledge of mediation in diverse cultural settings to the firm.

Together, these three lawyer/mediators have over 75 years of combined legal/mediation training