Information on NJ Child Support

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children have access to the basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter) regardless of the relationship status of the mother and father. Because of this, child support payment is taken very seriously and the State of New Jersey provides services to ensure that child support orders are paid.

In New Jersey, child support payments may be handled in two ways- either by the department of probation, or by direct payment to the other parent. Child support payments via the probation department using the NJKiDS system is often the best course of action for both parents. The parent paying support benefits because a record of payments is automatically generated, providing proof of payment. Paying the other parent directly creates a potential risk of not receiving credit for payments made. For the parent receiving support, the record of payments made is also beneficial because missed payments will be clearly stated, and the probation department will automatically be notified to begin enforcement of the child support order.


What is the New Jersey Kids Deserve Support (NJKiDS) system?

The New Jersey Kids Deserve Support (NJKiDS) is a state-run computer system that records child support case information that parents can access via phone or computer. It contains a record of the information about the child support case at hand, including a record of past 13 months of child support payments and any major case events. As stated earlier, using the NJKiDS system is beneficial to the parent receiving child support payments because if a payment is missed, it will automatically take action to enforce the child support order.

Remember that if you use this system, payments must be made only through the payment center, not directly to the child or other parent. If you wish you modify any aspect of your child support order, including the method of payment, it must be done through the court system.


How do I access the Online Child Support Case Information?

In order to view the information pertinent to your case, you will need your unique Case ID number, as well as date of birth, and social security number. You will find your Case ID number located on any document you have received from the court regarding your case. To get started, go to and click on View Your Case Info.


How do I access the Child Support Case Information by phone?

You can also receive information about your New Jersey child support case by phone. The phone number is 1-877-NJKiDS-1 (1-877-655-4371). Information available includes payment information, services available, tax offset, visitation, emancipation, custody, and credit bureau reporting.

Missing child support payments, regardless of the reason, are taken very seriously in the state of New Jersey. If you need to make any adjustments to your child support arrangement, contact the Mullen Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss your needs and issues.