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    Mullen Law Firm has been providing sound and dependable legal representation to New Jersey and New York residents when it comes to personal injury cases or issues with employment. We help people recover when they have been harmed—either physically or psychologically.

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    For over 30 years, Mullen Law Firm has worked hard to build a firm that is outstanding in its field. We have helped thousands recover from the injuries or abuse they have suffered. We are known for the achievements we’ve reached on our clients’ behalves.

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  • Our Promise to Help

    At Mullen Law Firm, we promise to help all our clients in their legal issue. No matter how big or small your case may be, we will be at your side every step of the way. And if we are unable to help in your legal matter, we will find someone who can.

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Here at Mullen Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing solid legal representation to clients in New Jersey and New York. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we don't end the relationship once a settlement or verdict has been reached. We're proud of the reputation we've developed among not just our clients, but our peers.

Mullen Law Firm believes in representing the everyday person, and we will provide compassionate and knowledgable advice in your legal matter. From personal injury cases to employment harassment, Internet and school bullying, and family law, we have you covered. And as part of our commitment to you, if we decide we aren't the best fit for your needs, we will help you find someone who is.

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, we will not only consider the immediate costs of what you have suffered as far as medical bills or property damage. We will look at the road ahead and help you calculate what you will need to protect your financial future as well as your emotional future. Don't let someone else's negligence wipe you out—we will help get you the compensation you deserve.

School bullying is on the rise, and we are seeing cases of it in younger and younger children as almost everyone seems to be on some sort of social media platform. Internet defamation is also on the rise—all it takes is a few clicks to post slander or false information about someone. The psychological scars of bullying can lead to years of depression and anxiety in a child, not to mention that severe bullying can lead to a child hurting themselves. Internet defamation can not just be embarrassing, it could ruin your finances or your business. You are not helpless with Mullen Law Firm by your side.

If you have put an elderly loved one in a nursing home, you expect that they will be cared for in the same manner in which you would have cared for them—with love and respect. But if you suspect that your loved one is being abused, you might not only feel devastated but powerless. We can help you uncover the abuse and hold those responsible for what your loved one has suffered.

Finally, in today's climate, more and more people are coming forward with stories of sexual harassment in the workplace. Not only is sexual harassment wrong, it is against the law. If you have suffered sexual harassment and it either led to a demotion or even being fired, we will fight to restore your reputation and hold those responsible accountable—not just your predator, but the corporate leaders who allowed the hostile environment to flourish.

Mullen Law Firm has been advocating for their New Jersey or New York clients for 30 years. If you are looking for dependable, compassionate legal advice, contact Mullen Law Firm at 201-420-1911 to get started on a free consultation of your legal issue. We have two offices to serve you: one in Hoboken and one in Secaucus. Let Mullen Law Firm help you.


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